Four reasons to consider while selecting your outsourcing company to fuel your business transformation

01 Aug 2021


Four reasons to consider while selecting your outsourcing company to fuel your business transformation
Mohammad is the CEO of a fast-growing hyperlocal E-commerce website, wherein all business processes are performed in-house. E-commerce is a rapidly growing and evolving industry and his challenge is to find the right talent for various positions in his company. The subsequent high demand and planning uncertainties pose new challenges for companies. Investing in in-house capabilities to manage staffing issues, payroll, accounting, and HR operations can create an added pressure on the business which might cause an unwanted delay in the set growth milestones. Just like in the case of Mohammad, finding the right talent and managing employees’ HR/payroll activities can be a complex process. Companies struggle to keep up with requirements from today’s ever-changing business dynamics.

The scope of HR services is completely different from the past especially due to the uncertainties imposed by the pandemic. It is evident that the complexities of the HR world have inevitably evolved over the years as per modern business needs. Whether it’s a small, medium, or large-sized company, the workforce is the key asset of the company. There are critical aspects related to human resources that need to be handled carefully but perhaps due to lack of resources to have a dedicated HR department, can be a matter of concern for the businesses.

In such a scenario it is advised to seek support from an expert in the field of HR Staffing Solutions. Some of the differentiating factors to be considered while choosing the right outsourcing partners are:

Market Reputation and Legacy – Choosing the right outsourcing partner can positively impact your reputation and success. Going with a smaller less reputed company poses a high risk to the employees enrolled with them as any financial impact on the outsourcing company would affect salary disbursement of outsourced employees. Choosing a larger, more diversified outsourcing organization helps to ensure that the outsourcing company is not highly leveraged on the economic health of a handful of industries. To achieve tangible results it is important to choose a quality outsourcing provider who possesses a good reputation in the market with the experience of working in your industry.

Expertise - The outsourcing company's in-depth knowledge and relevant industry experience can help them qualify to be your outsourcing partner. One must evaluate the capabilities of the target outsourcing partner by analyzing the number of projects handled and the complexities involved in those projects to check if they are the right fit as per your requirements.

Process embedded with latest technologies- It is important to choose a partner who provides technologically advanced software and solutions which also support customization and addition of new services to the existing package offered. The tech infrastructure of your outsourcing partner must include the latest components and capability to be integrated with your existing technological framework.

A partner with a 360-degree approach- The HR outsourcing partner should be equipped with additional solutions such as recruitment services, temporary deployment solutions, payroll management, accounting solutions, employee administration, and legal representation. It can be challenging to stay abreast with the changing regulations while adhering to the existing laws and new rules without a team of experts. An outsourcing partner can apply market-used policies in a very short span of time and thus protect a client from any unwanted HR compliance issues.

At Innovations Group, owing to our decades old legacy,

• We have the capability of managing an overall 360-degree consulting role for businesses across numerous industries.
• Our clients view us as a value-added partner and have benefited drastically with the additional competitive edge of not having to manage their HR & recruitment processes. As a result, this allows them to have a larger focus on delivering a strong core service.
• Our clients also enjoy a 100 percent personalized service as we devise a customized tech-based HR process that can mirror their existing requirements to provide improved accessibility, better performance, and increased productivity.
• Our outsourcing portfolio is diversified across 25 large industries and furthermore, we run our own service companies within the group to prove our industry knowledge. We provide services through our eight companies specializing in HR Staffing Solutions, IT Solutions, Engineering Services, Insurance Solutions, Debt Collections, Retail Sales, Facility Management, Fleet Management/Delivery Services & Painting Services.

One such case study worth mentioning is our operations in the IT sector:

At Innovations Group, we have been successful in catering to the IT industry and have tremendously contributed to the sector’s business flexibility, agility & cost-effectiveness. We broke into this sector by applying our own learning and findings from our in-house tech project.

To meet constantly changing demands, companies have to make choices between either purchasing off-the-shelf tech solutions or investing time and resources into building their own customized tech products. Digital adoption possesses its own unique set of challenges as companies need to invest a huge chunk of their time and resources to either build internally or integrate ready-made tech with their existing systems.

At Innovations group, we are focused to stay ahead of the market needs. Keeping a pace with the changing market dynamics, we remain flexible to adapt quickly to offer an unparalleled service to our clients. Hence, we chose the creation route where we set up and deployed an in-house team to create our own ERP platform and applications due to our in-depth knowledge of the industries we represent and have our presence in. It was a much tougher journey as we had to recruit and manage a large workforce of designers, developers, and project managers. Through this experience, we learned the recruitment, HR, and payroll intricacies associated with managing an IT workforce. The creation process was a longer route but we are now reaping the rewards of a more efficient operating system and an added business vertical. Our break into the IT industry was much smoother as a result of our learnings from managing our own in-house project.